Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clemson Weekend

I have been a slacker blogger lately. So busy. Good busy though. And now this post is primarily going to be about Jerad and I....why? Because I want to remember everything and someday I will make a book of all of this! (and I am sure my loyal blog reader Ms Jenny Garrity would also like to look at my pics!) We just got back hours ago from a weekend in Clemson SC. Our friends moved down there over the summer and we missed them so much that we drove 8 hours to go see them. We had a rare weekend without kids as Grandma and Grandpa had a fun time staying with the kids. (THANK YOU) Ally even got to go see Selena Gomez (the subject of her special wish) in concert up in Columbus.

We had a fun drive through the beautiful Smoky Mountains and even encountered some snowflakes when we were high enough in the mountains. We got to see Brad coach his first game as Clemson Head Coach, which made me very happy. They did great and had a big win. The next day we got to go to a Clemson football game, along with about 80,000 other people. Football is big time down there and we got to do a little tailgating and enjoyed spending time in the quaint small town that is Clemson. More than anything, we just laughed all weekend long and enjoyed catching up...our friends the Boohers also drove down with us. A very nice weekend that will long be remembered in my memory banks.
The drive was amazing...I have vowed to myself to take the kids to the mountains in TN sometime soon.

You might see the snow swirling around us in this picture....

Catching up before the game....
The girls going in to Littlejohn for the first game..

He will kill me for this, but loved seeing his picture on the big screen. So proud! He'll get over it.....I have to post.
And doing the Alma Mater after the big win.
The football game was an amazing sight. 80000 people in one big football stadium. The players run down the hill into the game. And they release all the balloons into the sky. Right after 4 jets sped overhead.
We had so much fun cheering for the Tigers!
Overall...we love our orange.
And getting our Ally's Army shirt pictures everywhere we can!

And now we can say that we love Clemson too....

Thanks Brownells for your awesome southern hospitality and friendship. It was a weekend I will never forget!


  1. Thanks Janel!! I have been waiting for your post because you knew I would love to see your recap of the weekend - I know there was lots of laughing!! However, I am not too happy that you all were rooting against my team the Wolfpack!! but under the circumstances - I understand :))) Sooo glad you all had a great weekend and I know how excited B & P were to get you all there!!
    I continue to pray often for Ally and all in the Army -- especially the commanders in chief(s)! And I am glad you are able to have adult weekends too :)))
    Hi to all - and thanks for spreading your strength to all of us - you guys are our inspiration!!
    XOXO ~ Jenny

  2. Thanks so so much for making the trip down!! Can't tell you how good it was to see "y'all"! One of the things I miss most about our village friends is just sitting around and laughing. You all are the best!!