Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun!

I have to say I am disappointed in myself for my lack of blogging. My intention is to do more. Although the medical information is not as prevalent now, this is still my little record of my families life and I want to keep it that way. There is no reason other than we have been super busy.....HAVING FUN. My kids are living the spoiled summer life. Just within the past ten days or so we have:

1) Went to our family lakehouse with Dad and Barbara (first time in a year)

2) Went to the most Amazing Fourth of July party ever (complete with fireworks)

3) Had a pool party

4) Went to see The Lion King (incredible too, I must add)

5) Went to Kings Island with A Kid Again with other sick kids.

6) Went canoeing with friends

7) Celebrated Jerad's birthday with friends.

We also had two kids birthday parties, swim practice, fishing, regular time at the pool....well you get the idea. Things around here do not seem to be getting done, unless it happens from 10pm -1 am every night which seems to be my new bedtime! Again I will say that we are making up for much lost time when Ally was so sick. I guess I need to find a balance because sometimes all the fun can actually stress me out when I get home and see all the things I have neglected. (like this blog!)

Ally did have her monthly chemo last Friday. Her ANC was still very high (like 3500)...however Dr B did not change her daily chemo meds yet again because he said she also had some 2000's thrown in the ANC pattern in the last few months. So I guess as long as he is happy, then I am happy. She did really well with the chemo this time, just a few stomachaches...and of course the many nights of not sleeping well because of her steroids.

Here are some of the many (MANY) pictures of our summertime fun:

Jerad's sister Amanda was in from FL

Carly touched a worm! We caught tons of fish!
They love to run down the big hill. Over and over and over.

Just love the blue eyes on that child.
Cheering on my swimmers at Cardinal Hill Swim meet.

Pa came to watch three of his grandkids who swim!
At VBS at Kirkmont with two of his best friends...
With cousin Owen after they each won a race.
At Lake St Marys....
Biggest S'more EVER

At my old pool with my Mom's best friend Larue (and Bill) who came to watch...
That's Evan hanging from the trapeze artist at the Fourth of July party.

oh and they rode.....A CAMEL!
More baby blue eyes....
Love this shot of my whole family in red white and blue!
On the boat with Daddy...
Yep, a hayride on the FOURTH.
Pool Party throw in.

Jerad, Laura, and Nicki...

Pool party pizza chef....Larry Booher (and also world-renowned canoer)

My girls...always holding hands.

This is Ally's kindred spirit and friend Kayleigh...also an ALL survivor. They rode rides much of the day together at Kings Island and it just warmed my heart. Although there is a height difference, they are only a month apart in age. Both from Beavercreek too.

Carly made a new friend in Kaycee...(Kayleighs little sister)

Thanks to all who continue to follow our journey. I still love when people get on me for not posting to the blog. Because it means there are still people out there reading. Following our story. And pulling us through to the end. Thank you to all who still count themselves part of Ally's Army!!


  1. Summer, summer, summer! Glad yours is a wonderfully fun-packed one!

  2. Pics are awesome. It warms my heart to see you all having so much fun and being a normal family. Praise God for this! So, so happy! Love and adore you all.

    Miss Lisa

  3. I always check your blog and love your pictures. Keep it up.
    Love, Gram

  4. We're still here! I loved the pics with all of the red, white and blue. As much as I love reading your posts, I know that when they are few and far between, it is a good thing. :) Keep on enjoying your summer. You deserve every moment of fun and relaxation.


  5. LOVE THE SMILES!!! Perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ally looks AMAZING!!!! She has a great color and such a sparkle in her can just tell by looking at her that she is completely HEALTHY...Goodbye cancer for good!!!! Aren't you only like 6-7 weeks away from her final treatment...almost there Barnett family!

  7. I don't think it's fair that Ally gets to have red hair AND curls -- two things I've always wanted! That child is so so many ways.

  8. Wow, I have been almost as bad in reading. When I look and there is nothing there, I feel that all is going well and you are busy, good busy that is, and that is really great!! The McCardles and you guys and Cardinal Hill, what memories, thanks for sharing all of that. Continue on the good road and don't feel guilty, we love when you write and share pictures. Great job. Love Ally's hair also.