Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Car Car!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl is so hard to believe that you are four years old already. Time just flies when you are having fun.....uh...I that most of your life as of yet could be an episode on Grey's Anatomy. On your sixth month birthday your Grandma was in surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Your momma was gone a lot of the next year....and on your almost two year birthday, your sister got sick. And again....your momma was gone a lot.

You didn't fuss. You didn't know. You adopted a few more mommies who filled in while we were gone. Your Auntie Mel and Auntie Jess...and Mrs Winger...and Mrs Booher...and Jackie...they are all your favorites now. You didn't even know it, but you got a lot of extra love these first four years of your life.

And now your family is pretty normal again. You still have the occasional holding of sisters' hand while she gets her blood drawn. And you still know your way around the hospital pretty well, but maybe, just maybe, this fourth year....will be fun and just NORMAL. Well, that is what I pray for you every night. Every day I pray for you...

You are still the sweet girl that I love.
And maybe you are a little bit sassy (bossy?!?)
And oh how you to love to play.....
And your sister (and her friends) just dote on you all day long....
And your Daddy just loves to cuddle with you....
And your brother....well, he is a brother after all, but he might actually be your favorite.
Oh wait...I want to be your favorite?!??????
Because no matter how old you are, you will ALWAYS be my baby.....
And stop sucking that thumbie already! You are four now sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And special thanks to Erin Cobb for capturing ***this*** moment in my family's life in pictures. No matter the good, the bad, the ugly....I always want to have my pictures to remember.

Happy Birthday Carly girl......


  1. great pictures! I love the one of Carly jumping!

  2. Wow....just, WOW. What a lovely family, what amazing pictures! The sister picture made me tear up. The "brother" picture made me laugh. Your boy is such a gentle soul, how cool to see that side of him. :)

    I love how you so clearly appreciate every second with your family. Everyone should, all the time.


  3. Belated happy birthday, Carly. You look awesome in those photos, I love all of them. You and Ally will always have a special bond and you will always be you momma's baby no matter how old you are, enjoy. Great family pictures, you guys are the best. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing photos! Carly, you are adorable! :)