Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ally is not feeling so hot these days. Not horrible, we have obviously seen much worse, but her belly has been hurting for a couple weeks now. Off and on. On and off. I can't really peg what/when/why/how it is caused. I was thinking it was drainage from her sinus infection, and I guess it still could be....but she seems to be a bit better as far as that goes. It is the story of our last 20 months. The belly pain is the one constant that we have always had to deal with.

Jerad and I debated taking her down to the clinic today. She has to go Friday anyway (for chemo) so I was hoping we could maybe holdout. Not that I want her to suffer, but also not thinking an answer will suddenly appear and cure her. Her liver numbers were a bit high in December, so I would like them to check those again.

I don't like worrying and I am back to doing it again. As I write this, she is actually outside in the snow! So that is a good sign. But yesterday I had to pick her up from school early because it was hurting her (and that was after I had already taken her a Zofran in the morning)

Dad is heading to the Cleveland Clinic on Monday. He is having a heart abalation surgery done in order to try to help his atrial fibrillation. He should only have to be up there about two days. Of course, I worry about that too and would appreciate any prayers for him. It is eerily similar to what we did exactly 3 years ago. Dad's surgery at Cleve Clinic is Jan 17th. Mom's surgery at Cleveland Clinic (quite possibly the worst day of my life) was exactly three years ago on Jan 18th . I can almost break out into a sweat just by seeing the Cleveland Clinic logo. You think I am exaggerating, but I really don't like it. Too many bad memories. So hoping this time...the Cleveland Clinic can fix one of my parents.

Another week of healthcare stuff is coming. I will just brace myself and keep on.


  1. Hang in there Janel. I can't imagine what's it's like to head back to CC, but I'm sure they'll take great care of your dad. And one more round of chemo for Miss Ally is one less. I'm praying that her tummy troubles go away, and that you all maintain your strength and faith. Hang in there.
    P.S. Go Bucs! So glad you guys made it.

  2. Hi Janel,

    I am not far from the clinic so if I can do anything for you or your dad please let me know.


  3. You have my prayers my Sweet! Just keep thinking about that girl in the snow, she's making it, and counting down those treatments!

  4. Sending prayers and positive thoughts you and your family's way.

  5. Keep on keeping on. One foot in front of the other, right? Think back over the last 20 months. You can do this.

    You. Can. Do. This.



  6. One day at a time and know that I will be sending extra prayers your way.