Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ice Skating!

Wow. It is as if I have fallen off the earth as far as my blogging. We have been super busy doing a bunch of holiday things. We are trying to enjoy holiday break as much as possible. We had the most wonderful Christmas this year. Everyone was well and we were HOME! Once you spend a Christmas in the hospital (and we have actually spent 2!) really anything you do for Christmas is just perfect. The kids were beyond thrilled and all the magic of Christmas was truly evident in all three of our children's eyes.

We spent a lot of time with our families and our friends and having parties and watching WSU basketball. But the highlight for my kids (and me!) was the day we decided to go ice skating with our friends. I was hesitant. And I do think Dr Broccoli would NOT have been happy that we took Ally. She is generally more prone to broken bones due to her steroids. But we did it and we held onto her tight and made her go slow! All three kids started out slow (its hard!) but then picked it up and by the end of our 90 minutes there they were doing pretty well. Luckily Jerad and I can both skate so we could hold them up. The cutest thing in the world...and I will honestly never forget this...was Carly. She had these little white skates on that a friend had bought for her a while ago (Thanks Pam). Well she looked adorable but I thought she would be too scared to even go out on the ice. OH CONTRAIRE. She went out. She held onto Jerad or I for quite a while and we would skate her around by holding onto her hands. But eventually she ASKED us to let go of her hands and there she went. Her little three year old body was walking, half-skating around on the ice. She was SUPER proud and was beaming from ear to ear. It was hilarious and cute and again etched in my memory! I could just squeeze her!

I have more pictures, but for now I will post the picture of all of our friends that went (since Nicki emailed it to me!) It was so much fun for me and my kids are begging to go again soon. We will! Check out Car Car's skates! And her new Hello Kitty hat from her Aunt Gail!

Oh yea, Ally made it out of ice skating with no injury. Always a plus. And it makes our lives seem a little more normal. We said a prayer of thanks on our way back to the car.

Happy New Year! 2011 is setting up to be a great year. We have a few trips planned and God willing it will be the end of Ally's chemotherapy regimen. September.

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  1. Lack of posts = all is well. I will take the lack of posts with a smile and know you are enjoying your family.

    Happy New Year, Janel!