Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update. Dad got the first of his meds last night about 9pm. He got some more 12 hours later. He is probably due again any minute. I wasn't able to talk to him today...they asked for no phone calls/texts so that he would remain calm. I did get a note that his heart is in rhythm. So that is good. Whether it will remain that way or not...only time will tell. It seems encouraging to me, so I will take it.

Ally's pain has moved from her belly to her head. She is really struggling with swimming now, but is keeping at it the best she can. She is a very strong girl all things considered. She actually has another swim meet on Saturday and I know she is excited for that. Her Grandparents are driving down to watch her! I think her head is hurting mostly because she just today finished her five day pulse of steroids that she gets every month. Steroid week is never fun for us. Overall, she is a good girl and does not get into the angry stuff that I often hear and read about. We are lucky to dodge that bullet. She definitely eats more and her cheeks get all red and puffy. I am glad another steroid week is past us.

Thanks to all for the prayers. They are working.


  1. Please pass along our love to your Dad from Reid and Susan!
    Hoping to read Ally's headache leaves as this treatment is finished.
    Prayers DO make such a difference.

  2. Hi Janel,

    I know I haven't been in touch, but we always think about Ally. Tori even knows how to get to your blog on her own, and many nights before she goes to bed she likes to see if any new pictures are posted. She enjoyed Ally's piano performance - that's something she wants to try now too:) Hoping that her belly pain subsides - we always seem to have that going on here too. Our gastro doctor prescribed a new pill a couple of months ago - Imipramine - that seems to have helped a lot. Hope things go well with your father, and hope Ally continues to do well. Thoughts and prayers as always!

    xo Dana