Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you Perry County

Tonight I give a special thank you to all of the Perry County division of Ally's Army. Together, with the wonderful talent of Live Bait, and the extremely hard work of the girls of the class of 1990, and the 1000 people that came to our event.... we have raised......


Close to $13,000 for Ally's Army.

We will use those funds to battle cancer...one dollar at a time. We are going to put a large chunk of that into our Light the Night Walk campaign for 2010 for LLS. Which, by the way, mark your calendars, is 9/30/2010. We would love to have all the Army come out and walk behind our girl again. Hopefully, this year, she can do the walk herself!

Here is a slideshow of the pictures we took over the weekend. With the music of Live Bait in the background. The song (which I can't get out of my head since this weekend) is entitled "Hot Summer Nights" and July 31, 2010 was a hot summer night I will never forget.

Thanks to all!



  1. Wow Janel! Great slideshow and great pictures! What an evening it was! It took me 2 hours to get through the grocery store this week because people kept coming up to me saying,"I had the best time I've had in a long time Saturday night!" It was such a fun evening, and I'm so happy that it made a lot of money to help those fighting cancer!

  2. Gotta love the small town! :)
    Is that a Live Bait song in the video?

  3. That is a Live Bait original Nicki! :)

  4. You all never cease to amaze!! Are you going to be selling Ally's Army t-shirts again this year for those of us who didn't walk last year? Also, I saw Fox Hill in the newest edition of Housetrends. I was flipping through the magazing and thought, "I know that pool." Sure enough, it was Fox Hill that I recognized from this blog:)

  5. It was an amazing night - filled with great friends, great music and the air was filled with something bigger - a common cause. Perry County is so proud to be a part of Ally's Army. It is amazing to see what a difference people can make when they stand together as one. We love you guys and we are behind you all the way to the finish line!! See you on the September 30th! Sheri Cobler

  6. It was an incredible night for an incredible little girl!! I am honored to say I am a member of Ally's Army, and proud of what we accomplished this weekend. We are behind you guys fighting this terrible disease all the way. I'm so happy you and Jerad were able to be there with us for this benefit! See you in September-
    Tammy Blosser