Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hello August

Hello August. I can't believe you are here. I am attempting to hold onto summer with a tight grip. So many things left to do, so little time. We have our "summer bucket list" and definitely still have some open items. We got waylaid by Ally's approximately one month illness, but we are trying to make up for lost time here lately.

Although Ally's counts are low, she continues to have boundless energy. She will get her counts done again on Wednesday and I am just praying that she makes some progress. If she doesn't, then I will start to worry and our plans to see my grandparents will be screwed up again. I don't believe they have seen Ally for two years (summer of '08) which was the last time they were here.

When I say she has a lot of energy I mean this:
She asks to go for a bike ride at 10am (some of us may still be in our jammies)
When everyone clears out of the pool to leave, she is still in there....doing laps. Butterfly, breaststroke, swimmer.
Speaking of swimming, today she did multiple swim relays with her friends. She did great and really wants to join the swim team.
She flies outside right after dinner...looking for something to do. A game of PIG basketball?
Fishing with her cousins until dark
And enjoying many rides at the Greene County Fair (photos courtesy of Nicki since I left my camera at home!)

Carly and Sam in third car.....
Yesterday, we also had a huge birthday pool party for our summer birthday children...a combined Hello Kitty (Carly) and Lego Batman (Evan) party. I will have to share pictures of that next time.
We have been a little busy around here. Which is very very good.
For now, I am hoping those counts rise up. I am hoping she continues to feel good and laugh and have fun like an 8 year old child should. I am putting all thoughts of school/school supplies, etc out of my head....just for a little bit longer...and holding onto these last lazy days of summer. Enjoy the heat.


  1. Love the pics! Carmen is amazing. She's done a lot for the hospital. So glad Ally is doing well. Have a wonderful few weeks left of summer!

  2. The counts are rising, I can feel it--and Ally looks like she is having a ball at the fair. Wonderful!! Awesome photo of Ally and her Pa!

  3. So glad you are making happy July/August 2010 memories. Gotta love summer. Jenny