Friday, December 4, 2009

PEG shot Friday

Gonna do a quick post here...since I missed last night and tonight is Friday night and I am exhausted. Last night I missed because Jerad and I went to a late night basketball game. We put the kids in bed, had a sitter come, and went to the Raiders game which was also on ESPNU. It was fun, but it was late! I was glad we had the opportunity to have some down time together. Always important when you are faced with our situation.

Ally did go to school both Thursday and Friday. I took her once she woke up, but not all that late (at school by 845 or 9.) I did have to pull her out this afternoon as she had to go get those horrible legs shots. She really did well. I asked her if she was nervous and our cool little cucumber just peeped out a No. She didn't even start crying preemptively when they walked in the room with the shot. Normally she would have gotten anxious. She just keeps learning more and more and is growing up too fast. Jerad held one side of her and I held the other. Nurse Sharon got her right leg and Nurse Amy got her left...after a 1-2-3 count which she always requests. She started to scream just a little, but then came around and no tears were shed. I seriously think I would have cried...these needles are just huge. She is having a little trouble walking and they were definitely hurting her tonight. She wanted to have our friends over for pizza, and we did, but she still didn't seem quite herself. Hopefully they don't make her feel horrible this weekend.

We thought she might need blood, she has had some steady headaches. So she had to fill this pretty big vial of blood with drops from her finger stick for a test and a cross-match. More than a little blood....again she did it in stride. Turns out she didn't need blood, which is good, and they attributed the headaches to the steriods she has been taking.

Her ANC was 5000. An extra zero on there. It worries me a little, because we never see it that high, but they always say not to will go down. I guess that means she can do about anything this weekend. It usually does its drop after 7 days, which would be Monday. And she does get more chemo again on Monday too.

Please pray that Ally's legs heal up and she will be pain free soon. Please pray the chemo side effects are minimal and she can continue to enjoy this holiday season. Most importantly, we pray that her cancer is gone and never returns.


  1. Terri Barnett ShumakerDecember 5, 2009 at 6:38 AM

    Janel just noticed this morning that the Army is up to 200!

    Here's to hoping Ally feels well for the weekend and you all get to just enjoy each other.

  2. Continued prayers and love for Ally and your family. I hope that despite everything your family can have a magical Christmas season.

  3. Great job Ally, proud of you girlfriend. Jodi says hi also, she will post again soon, but she gave birth on Friday to a wonderful girl and is still in the hospital, her name is Ella and she has joined your army as well, Have a good weekend.