Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another round begins

We are headed to the hospital tomorrow morning early to see if we can start a new round of chemo. She has to have an ANC of 750 to start a new round. Today she was 700. Very close and they said "good chance" that she will be 750 by tomorrow. So she will get a finger prick first, just to see, and if she is a go they will access her port and begin. And thus, our final day of 2009 will consist of.......chemo. No surprise. She will get another spinal tap, which always brings me agitation, and then she will get Cytoxan..which has to be followed with 4-6 hours of fluid. It is going to be a very long day. She will also get her first of four days in a row of ARA-C. ARA-C is my least favorite of all the chemo drugs. It brings on fevers. And fevers mean hospital stays. She will get that tomorrow, New Years Day, and Jan 2and Jan 3.

I am ready to kick 2009 right out the door. As my brother-in-law Gavin said so nicely..."pack up your things 2009 and get on out of here" By far and away it was the worst year of my life and probably also for most of the people in my family and/or Jerad's family. So goodbye 2009. We are starting a whole new decade on Friday and I am quite ready to have a clean slate.

Please pray that Ally can start her chemo tomorrow. The love/hate relationship exists, but I want to keep going especially after her Aunt Jessica drives all the way here to take care of the kids for us. I would hate for it to be for nothing. Please continue to pray for all the kids who are fighting cancer and all their families who are also deeply affected by it.

UPDATED: We are at hospital and getting ready for spinal tap. She cleared the ANC was 910. Poor girl is starving because she is not allowed to eat with the anethesia...hopefully going soon.


  1. Good Luck Today.. I hope all goes well.. I so agree with you about kicking this year out the door..Amanda and I were just talking about this last night.Do you know what she says to me? It could be WORSE.I'm thinking are you kidding me, but as we talked the child does have some wisdom.
    There are several good things that have come from this,one of them is meeting you and all the other hospital famalies and for that I am THANKFUL...Happy 2010..Love, The O'dells

  2. Owen asked to pray for health last night for the new year, that's my prayer too. So goodbye to 2009, and here's to a HAPPY and healthy 2010.
    Hope today goes well and that your little trooper hangs in there.

  3. At midnight I will pitch in and help kick 2009 far, far away! It was an awful year all the way around - economically, politically, in a lot of ways. You and your family got a way worse dose of it but I agree - many kicks to it, rock on and look forward, its the only direction to go. Prayers to all of you, especially for Ally.

  4. Good luck these few days. I have faith they'll go by quickly. And 2010 will be better

  5. I hope Ally has had a big lunch by now! Looking forward to being together tonight. One thing I'm sure of in 2010...we all love our girl Ally.

  6. Here here to a clean slate, a new year and a healthy Ally. Thinking of your family.

  7. Glad to read she was able to start. Yes, GOODBYE to 2009 and I pray this year brings "better days" for all of us.
    Diona Guy

    Keep your spirits up because you continue to fight even harder when you feel yourself losing strength... you are an inspiration to us all and a tremendous leader of the ARMY!!!!!!
    We are praying constantly for you and for a very successful hospital visit to begin 2010....

  9. Here is to a successful 2010 and good bye to 2009. Keep up the good work, I know what you mean about the love/hate relationship, but each day brings you closer to the end of treatments and the end of this disease. The Army marches on!!!! Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.