Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming off the steriod

First I wanted to say a thank you to everyone for the comments this week. I really do read each and every one and often gain some sort of insight from them. I appreciate everyone who takes a little time to tell me what they think. It has just been a rough week, emotionally more than anything, and sometimes I just rely on all my friends and family to carry me through the rough patches.

Ally is doing well. She has gone to school three days this week (albeit late each day). I basically let her sleep until she wakes up around 745 or 8 and then she makes her own breakfast (almost always scrambled eggs...good protein!). And then Jerad or I take her. I think she is doing alright. She seems to have come out of that steriod-induced depression that she was in for about a week. It is nice to hear her giggle again. She is still not sleeping at all at night though. She is up much of the night...the steriod (decadron) just won't let her sleep either. I was in there from 3-6:30 last night and Jerad did the night before. We are tired parents to say the least. I am hoping this lets up again soon, but she goes right back onto steriods on Monday. UGH.

Tonight Jerad took her to a dinner event where the WSU Raider team was eating. We are friends with Coach Brownell. Jerad said she was just grinning from ear to ear because four of the players, at separate times, came up to talk to her and ask how she was doing, etc. And several even called her by name. Who knew that she would care about that, but I guess she was pretty tickled. She went to bed looking at her autographed poster of the boys that hangs in her room and identifying which ones knew her. Always has been a loyal Raider fan...since she was 6 months old. We always tell her she is a "rock star" because pretty much everybody knows who Ally Barnett is.

My Dad was just telling me about a friend of his grandson, Granite, who was in K and 1st grade with Ally. He says he is growing his hair out to donate the hair and give the money to Ally. Dad said he really likes Ally and wanted to do it for her. Another one, Emily Fields, who is in Ally's class, just had 10 inches or something crazy lopped off her hair for the same reason. In Ally's honor. And Mrs. H said she didn't even tell Ally....just the sweetest girl. Kids have such big hearts. I never realized that, but now I do.

Trying to keep up with the blog....but so much to do during this holiday season. Forgive me if I miss some days here or there. As long as all is good, I may take a couple of breaks.

Enjoy this holiday season with your family. The spirit of giving is just all around us.


  1. Janel, don't let this blog be a burden for you. We love reading how Ally and your family are doing but the most important thing is that you guys get to spend time together as a family when you have down time so if this goes on the back burner we all understand! Thank you for keeping us updated as often as you do...we'll just keep checking back until you can get to it. And we'll keep praying no matter what!

  2. I agree with Erin comepletely. When I don't "hear" from you I trust that all is well. I will keep checking in, but if you are too busy to post every day DO NOT worry. I haven't blogged in so very long . . . Once the Cmas rush is over I will get back on it. Sending hugs your way. SO glad to hear Ally is giggling again . . .


  3. Janel,
    I saw Jerad, Ally, Evan, and Carly last night. They all looked so sweet. Ally looked adorable in her little white sparkling hat. I actually had a black cap on as well and she gave a little smile when I said " Don't you think hats are the best"! Everyone who follows this blog totally understands, you all have done a great job keeping all of us in the loop. I know that everyone continues to pray for all of you. On another note, yesterday when I was driving up the driveway, a White Owl flew along side my car all the way up. It has been with us since summer, and I always think. . . . . . OH how I would love to share this story with Marcy, but, she already knows.
    Hugs to all of you.

  4. Those steroids are enough to make you want to go crazy sometimes. We are dealing with them at this current moment and at times I have lost my cool. I know how you feel about sleep deprivation. I hope you might be able to get some relief soon.

  5. I found your blog through Erin - I just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and your family. I am sure that this holiday season will be challenging in more ways than one...

  6. Louis was telling me how he was making Ally a card and wanted to write "Louis loves Ally",but he was upset because he forgot to write his name. I thought that was really sweet. You and Jerod are doing so well with everything you are going through. I pray for your family and other families that are going through this difficult time everynight. Ally is a very bright and beautiful girl. Louis says that Ally is pretty, and he likes her Blue hat. He says she goes by his room all the time. He just started talking about her out of the blue last night at dinner. It was so warm to hear him talking about her and how she's so cute! She's in everyone's thoughts and she IS A ROCK STAR!-Shannon Burkett