Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Surgery Day

Happy New Year 2012!  I would now like to get up on my rooftop and scream this for all the world to hear.  We got the results from her bone marrow test:

No evidence of leukemia.  No evidence of relapse. 

I repeat:  No evidence of leukemia.  No evidence of relapse. 

Here she is right before she went into surgery.  You will see Bobo.  She also has her little bird porty.  This the bird she picked out at the gift shop about an hour before her port went in.  I remember feeling so so so so bad for her.  I pretty much told her she could buy the whole store.  She picked out this little bird and named him Porty.  Right after they put the port in, Porty would sit right under her shirt and protect her from any bumps or whatever.  She was so sensitive about that port.  She even slept with Porty in her shirt. 

And then sweet Miss Vicki brought her the lucky ladybug to wish her luck with the bone marrow test.  And it worked!

Here she is after.  A little puffy and groggy, but I am telling you the girl was a trooper.  The same girl who threw a giant tantrum over her flu shot never cried a single tear all the day at the hospital. 

Here is the incision.  About three inches.  They also did the bone marrow in her hip bone.  Those steri strips hold her together until it heals and then they fall right off.

And here she is resting (with Bobo).  My sweet little girl I could not resist taking this picture. 

And this is her actual port!  She asked if she could bring it home and her surgeon let us!  He even cleaned it all up for us.  It laid underneath her skin so we could never see it.  But the nurses would access her right in the blue spot in the middle.  The chemo would then travel down that white tube which went right down an artery into her heart.  Then the blood would pump out of her heart and distribute the chemo or meds throughout her body.  What an amazing invention and one that saved my daughter's life.  I am not sure what I should do with this now, but I am glad that we have it. 
The news was awesome to hear.  I waited on hold for about 10 minutes the next day to hear the results.  I could almost not breathe because I was so nervous and anxious to hear the news.  I know this does not mean she is "cured" by their definition.  We can't get to that point until five years out.  But it is a giant victory to us to go three whole months without chemo and still be cancer free.  They will continue to check her blood counts every single month.  For the first time in almost three years her hemoglobin was high (normal is 11-14 and she was 14.9.....she was 4 when diagnosed)
Another dear friend said to you know that this is the first time in four years that you are not actively fighting cancer???  Wow...I had not even thought of that!!!  Four years is a long time.  Especially when it is your mother and your daughter.  I will take this new life.  Bring on 2012 and a normal life for my family of five. 

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  1. Happy New Year, dear Barnetts!!! I know 2012 will be a great year. So happy for those results. It means so much. It is crazy to see that port- exactly like the one that my dad got. Memories. Anyway, so very excited for all of you. I'll toast to a cancer free year!

  2. Janel - their are no words to describe my happiness for you, Ally and your entire family. I am realistic. I know this is not the end. I know you can't just say it's over and we did it and things return to normal. I know there are still check-ups with days and weeks of worrying and anxiousness before-hand. I know things will never be the same and it will be hard to see Ally with complete peace of mind. That is the life of a cancer parent. BUT, for now, I am breathing a big sigh of relief and reveling in this huge step that Ally and your family have overcome. What a huge accomplishment. What a brave girl. What an incredibly strong family. I will continue to pray for you now, and always. I will pray that Ally remains cancer-free for the rest of her life. I will pray that as time passes by that the worry that you and Jared experience becomes less and less. I will pray the for the health of your entire family. The battle and struggles that Ally has gone through and the road that you have traveled will not be forgotten. Ally and your entire family are an inspiration to us all. I am thankful that our lives have crossed paths and I wish your family nothing but the best in the future. Sending all our love and prayers, always.

    The Bohmans,
    Mike, Shelly, Ashley, Kenzie, Hailey and Jordon

  3. Way to go Barnetts!!!!!!! Just read about her break in her wrist or arm but that is nothing compared to what you guys have just gone through. Great job. A port like that one kept John going for many, many years, most of the 15 years of his fight actually. Nice job, congrats to all of you. Looking forward to a great 2012 and still keeping those positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. I will always be part of Ally's Army!!!!!!! Thanks