Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shhhhhhhhh. It's a surprise.....

The countdown is on....we are now within a week. For about the last six days she has been really suffering with belly pain for whoknowswhy reason. I keep telling her...just stay strong. Just a few more days. And her ankles are really bothering her much she burst into tears when we even discussed going on a family bike ride. No more chemo is soooo close now.

Jerad and I have (last minute) decided that we would like to SURPRISE Ally with a party at our house after the walk on Saturday. This is such a big deal for her and we and would like to celebrate with everyone. We will give her the last dose of chemo at the party and who knows what else! We can all sit back and relish in the day that we have been waiting for for such a long time.

The plan is this. Evan has a soccer game directly after the walk. Jerad is the coach of that game. He will just have the girls go with him (which they always do anyway so it won't be weird). When they arrive at our house after the game (about 1:30) we want as many people here as possible to SURPRISE her.

If you can make it to the walk but not the party, that's fine.

If you can make it to the party but not the walk, that's fine too!

Please, please, please, no gifts.

We will run it "open house" style. We will be here all afternoon so feel free to just drop in whenever.

I can ask nothing more of Ally's Army than the opportunity to thank you.

And if you are coming in from out of town for the walk, feel free to just come over right after the walk. I can just put you to work blowing up balloons or some such thing! ;)

And remember. It is a SURPRISE! Please don't mention to your kids if they are going to be around Ally! And don't breathe a word to our survivor girl!


  1. I wanna go!! :( Wish we could all be there.....the Brownells will be thinking of Ally (and her momma n daddy) this Saturday!

  2. Down to a one-hand countdown!!! I remember on deployment (not nearly as awesome, but still) the final hand was almost euphoric. So excited for all of you. Stinks to miss your festivities on Saturday, but I look forward to hearing stories and seeing photos. Way to go, Barnett's!