Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am back!

I am back after a wonderful weekend spent with my college roommates in Sedona Arizona! We had three straight days to just kick back, relax, hike, swim, go to the spa, eat, and chat about life in general. Wow I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to go (thanks to my hubby!) and even more grateful that I have six lifelong friends who still long to be together. Not everyone is as fortunate in that area as I am. I personally think I hit the jackpot on that one. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip....

My girls....

We had just hiked from 5000 ft to 9000 ft. Wow it was so amazing to be up so high. And there were butterflies just whizzing all around us. It was one of the most amazing spots I have ever been. And pretty much noone else was there but us.

We were so high some trees didn't have any green?

Our spa pool. Ahhhh. They delivered frozen grapes to your chair. I think that says it all.

Love this picture so much....the sunrise over the red rocks from our deck! Yes I was up super early every day because of the time change!

My friends did a very good job of keeping my mind off of things. Last Friday was the two year anniversary of Ally's diagnosis. I speak a lot to other families that are going through the journey and two years seems like a long time, but then again it doesn't. Well, last year seemed like forever, but now time seems to be flying. I cannot believe the things that I have seen, heard, and lived through since that day. Not just bad, but good too. Ally's Army has made so much good come from a bad situation. I am sharing my story with an audience of 500 or so (gulp) on Thursday night when we go to the Man of the Year final ceremony/auction, etc. We do our best to get the word out there and try to do anything to stop this disease. I think Ally's Army is like my part time job now. I'm always doing something!

Ally is not feeling so great today. She has headache. Stomachache. Ended up getting out of the pool crying at swim practice. It makes me sad. I don't know why she feels cruddy. I never do. Maybe she is just getting a bug or something. But I am a little extra nervous tonight because she is due into the hospital at 830 tomorrow (Wed) morning for her spinal tap and chemo. The procedure takes enough out of her as it is, so hopefully all goes well with her not feeling so well.

Extra prayers tonight. If all goes well, she will only have one (ONE!) more spinal tap after this one to finish out her protocol of 28 months. But I cannot even think too much about that yet.


  1. Keep the spirit of red rocks in your heart. What a blessing it was to laugh and spend time with you.

  2. Pictures are beautiful. Happy that you were able to be with your friends. Hope everything went well for Ally today. Hope I get to see you on TV tomorrow night.
    Love, Gram

  3. How was Ally's spinal tap? I've been wondering and hoping you would post.

  4. Sedona was gorgeous, glad you had a good time. Hope Ally is feeling better. How did the spinal tap go and was she able to get her chemo? Always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.