Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our commercials

I am sorry to our out of town family (and non-facebook Army members)...took me a whole week to get this up here.  But these are the commercials that we did for Dayton Children's.

This is the one that is Jerad and I and Dr B.  So glad they didn't use my words because I found that I completely froze up when having to talk to an inanimate object (camera)  Luckily Jerad pulled through and did his part in 1 or 2 takes.  vs. my 18.  Think I will stick to the blog.

I was completely amazed how many people saw these.  They played during the Superbowl and I guess maybe that is the only time of year people don't fast forward through commercials.  I have random people I have never met saying stuff to me.  We were at the hospital the next day and they were all the buzz.

I do have to say I was quite proud of these.  Not really for any profound thing that we said just because our friends at CMC thought we were worthy enough to share our experience.  I feel a huge debt to them that I can never repay in anyway.  They saved my child's life.  So I am always trying to find a way to pay it back to them even if it is something small like this.

So here ya go:
First one is shorter version.  I also learned Dayton Children's is in the top 11 of pediatric cancer hospitals in the country.  Our small town should be so proud.

This is the longer one and our story is towards the end.

Finally, the reason Ally was at the hospital on Monday was to start her testing for the long term side effects.  Several chemos are hard on the heart.  They got a base echo and ekg the day she was diagnosed.  So now we were gonna get our first look almost three years later.  Dr Ross (our favorite) checked her out.  He is married to one of Ally's favorite nurses in the clinic.  I thought all was fine until he thought he saw a plastic piece of her port tubing still in her artery.  UH...yea lets get that out.  So we had to do some additional chest x-rays and wait for a very painful hour with her asking will they get it I have to have surgery again??!!....and me just praying for about an hour straight.  Turned out to be OK.  It was some scar tissue that basically grew around the port tubing since her port was in so long  (2 years 7 months!)  He said they would watch it and it will dissipate in time.  Her other heart tests just showed some very mild changes and he said we have nothing to worry about for the time being.  They will keep checking her every year.

Thanks for those of you still praying for our girl!

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  1. So glad you got some good news from the ekg and that the tubing will be okay!
    The commercials are so great! I just love that Dr.B's face, what a kind man.