Friday, January 13, 2012


2012.  A whole new year and a brand new clean slate.  While most people are grumbling about the cold and snow (which I love) and healthy eating and everything else that typically goes along with the month of January....I am sitting in my comfy chair and warm house enjoying the month.  I actually love January! December gets so hectic and busy and but in January there is not much else to do so I get to REST.

For our family, I am pretty much thinking that is is our new normal.  I know that chemo ended three months ago...but then we had all that celebrating concerning that.  And then the holidays.  And then the port came out and it just didn't quite seem like our former lives.  But now it does.  A new normal indeed.  Still plagued with chemo side effects (not sleeping...belly pain....still present) and still punctuated everyday with prayers sent up that our girl's leukemia will never come back.  And still learning how to live without my Mom.  You would think I would have it by now, but I don't.  But this is normal now.

Four years ago, in January, we found out about Mom's cancer. My sister reminded me the other day how I had that sinking feeling when I put my Christmas decorations away that year.  I knew.  I just did.  We spent much of the month in surgeries and driving back and forth to the Cleveland Clinic.  I realize how long it has been that we have been battling cancer when I remember that Carly was a little baby then.  Only six months old.  And now I am starting to look into where to send my baby girl to Kindergarten.  Although much is lost, there is noone more grateful than me and my little family.  So grateful to start a new year now.  So grateful to have finally taken off my LIVESTRONG bracelet because I finally said..."we are no longer battling cancer"  (Ally's Army bracelet...not sure I can ever take that off)

So here is to hoping that 2012 is a good year.  I love having a little extra time to watch a TV show or look at things online or even clean out a drawer if I want to.  I really and truly have not had time to do these things for a very long time.

Ally is doing good with her arm.  She is getting used to it and it is completely covered with signatures from all her friends and Army.  We go back on the 24th to see if it is healed and if she can get the itchy cast off.  One more thing to add to her list of "I have done that"

She brought home some artwork she did at school.  They had to design something around their a biography of their life.  It was quite interesting to see hers...especially next to other kids who have things like soccer, basketball, or friends defining their life. is Ally's:  Livestrong, Hope, Faith, Ally's Army, truth, and relentless covering much of her design.

But our old neighbors and friends, who moved on to be the Bball coach at Clemson...well they will be happy to know that they earned a big spot on her design.  Go Tigers.

Ally's artwork.

Happy, HAPPY, 2012 and may everyone be blessed with health this year!

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  1. HAPPY and even HAPPIER 2012 to the Barnett family. It is a new year and there are lots of good things ahead. Learning to live without your mom will become a bit easier but never easy, I have been without John since 1995 and some days are easier than others but he is always here and for that I am grateful. I laugh, I cry, I am happy and I am sad, but that is ok. They were both very important to us and I think that is where we get our strength. Ally is awesome and has given many of us strength and guidance. I know I enjoy each and every day because of the battles they fought. Continue the good work and the best to you and your family. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.