Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back From Florida

We just got back from a week spent in Navarre Florida with Jerad's family. His immediate family is 25 people. This includes him and four siblings and 13 grandchildren! And yes we all stayed in one house. Did I mention 13 kids!?! We ended up driving down and had a nice time visiting with everyone. We had a scare in that 10 of the kids got a horrible rash which turned out to be something from the ocean with jellyfish larvae. We also had about the same number of kids end up with ear infections/swimmers ear. We spent a few days at urgent care/drs offices which was nothing new to us...and I spent a bunch of time praying that Ally would not come down with a fever. That would have meant a stranger...in an adult hospital...would have had to access her port and give her IV antibiotics. I was very fearful of that but we made it thru. She is still taking amoxicillian for her ear infections and still having some pain in her ears so we will see what that develops into (if anything).
Here are a few pics from vaca:

I am still trying to organize our Ally's Army team for the curesearch walk for childhood cancer. Again, it is on Sept 17 th. (Ally's last day of chemo too!) You can sign up to walk or just donate here.


I am having some Ally's Army t-shirts printed up again for some people that are walking. They look like this:

If you would like one for the walk (or just to have one) please send me an email at janelbcpa@aol.com with the size you would like. Youth or Adult. They are making them for me for just $5 a shirt! I will accept orders until Aug 20! I can't imagine we will order anymore anytime soon...so if you want one now is the time! Just let me know.


  1. what great pictures! Jerad's parents are so lucky to be surrounded by so many cute faces! My fave though is the double O-H-I-O!! you should send that one in for sure!

  2. Looks like even with the rash and earaches that everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing, the pictures are wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

  3. Hi Barnett Family! I have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and reading about your fun filled summer events. I am so happy that you are able to get back to some of your normal routines and just think where you will be this time next year!!! I am sorry but we will have to miss the walk this year. We will be enjoying a family wedding in Maryland on the same weekend but will be thinking about you and will get our donation in to help towards any thing that will eliminate this battle for children. Enjoy your last few days of summer break and I look forward to reading all about their first days at school! Hugs, Jenny Black