Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Save the Date: Sept 17

Ally seems to be doing a little better with the belly pain. She still finds a way to wake up pretty much every night (in the middle of the night) in pain. But her days are going really well and she is enjoying her summer. That will all probably be changed after she goes for chemo next week. We just get through it and then it comes on again. I am very proud to say she will be competing in her first "summer" swim meet tomorrow night (if the weather holds out). Summer swim seems to be more her speed. She is doing really well. Her brother Evan is also competing. He has done a lot of sports in his life as of yet, but I really think he is most excited about this meet coming up...more than I have ever seen with a soccer game/baseball game etc. He is also doing well....we will see how he does in the actual racing events.

Thank you for all of the kind comments about Ally being the hero. She deserves it.

I am going to gather a bit more information, but I wanted to put a Save The Date out here for anyone who wants to join us for a very special walk we are doing this year. It is the first annual Curesearch walk. Curesearch is the org that basically writes the protocols for all of the kids who have cancer. They are responsible for the actual protocol and studies that Ally is in. So the walk is very special to me because
1) It is just for the kids (unlike the LLS one we do that is for all with blood cancers)
2) It is just for cancer
3) It is the organization that means the most to Ally's drs, nurses, etc and they will be there!
4) All of Ally's friends from the hospital have formed teams and we will all be together.

It is very coincidental, but Ally's last day of treatment is scheduled to be Sept 16. The walk is going to be held on the morning of Sept 17. You all might have to carry me as I will be an emotional wreck.

It is crazy that these two dates coincide. But it will be a very special time for my whole family so hoping you will join us for the walk. Again, I will get our webpage set up for sign ups, etc and post out here soon!

Maybe we will have to follow it with a giant bonfire and burn all of Ally's medical supplies. I saw someone else do that. (oh but I am probably way too superstitious to do that, huh)

I found some pictures from our last event out on the Dayton Daily News website so thought I would post a few more. These were taken by their reporter at the event.


  1. Hope the Barnetts tear up the pool!
    I will have both dates on my calendar, hope to join you!

  2. Great photos, great job once again Janel. I could not have done that, you were wonderful. Give em heck in the summer season. Some of our best memories were from the summer. Lots of them with your mom and John. Take care

  3. I am saving the date! We'll make this a "company sponsored walk", asking our employees to join in.